Ive spent years developing my ability as a portrait artist through study of the old and new masters as well as working directly from life in an academic environment at the Art Students League of New York. My inspirations range from Rembrandt and Vermeer to 20th century masters of the human figure such as Lucian Freud. With every commission my ambition is to achieve a magnificent portrait- one that is not only a great likeness of the subject, but also one that is timeless, poignant and unique.
          The process is fairly simple. First, after discussing what you have in mind well meet and after taking reference photos will put together a portfolio of possible poses, lighting and backgrounds. There are times when I request further sittings but often this is not required. I am willing to work from pre-existing photos or photos taken by the client specifically for the portrait. In an instance such as this everything can be done via email. I will develop a sketch proposal for your approval. Often the person commissioning a portrait has a rather specific idea of how the finished portrait should look. I will listen and explore what you are seeing in your imagination. This is the first step towards a fabulous portrait. Once the sketch has been approved I will be able to give you an exact cost and approximate time of completion. A non-refundable deposit of fifty percent of the total agreed cost will be due at this time. Work on your portrait will commence. While Im painting the portrait I will keep you updated with photos sent by email or you may come to my studio to see the work in progress.
          Framing your portrait is very important. Framing is not included in the cost of your portrait but it is recommended that the artist be a part of the process. I will be at your disposal to discuss framing possibilities and  will complete the framing and deliver the portrait to you in its finished state if so desired.
          I am full of ideas and always find great inspiration in painting a portrait. That being said,  some very creative portraits have come from the clients vision. With some, I have started with a small, keepsake black and white photo turning it into a large, beautiful color painting. I have done surprise portraits of people who could not know a portrait was being done until presented with the finished piece. Ive even painted subjects into a fictional comic book world.  Let your imagination get fired up!

                                  Estimated Costs  
Head and Shoulders           16x20-18x24                     $1,400 and up
Three Quarters Length        24x30-24x36                    $2,200 and up
Full Length                                30x40                            $4,000 and up
   Henry Caserotti lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife. He is a portrait and figure artist whos work hangs in many private collections. His paintings can often be seen in New York City and Fairfield County, CT. To view more of his work please visit www.henrycaserotti.com.
Caserotti's studio:
188 Alma Dr.
Fairfield, CT 06824

Email: 8art@henrycaserotti.com